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How to Take Care of Your Face with Soap for Sensitive Skin

The use of soap for sensitive skin is recommended for people whose skin is easily irritated or sensitive. If you carelessly choose facial soap, sensitive skin owners are prone to experiencing problems on the skin of the face, such as itching, burning, dry and scaly, even acne. The term sensitive skin refers to skin conditions that are easily irritated after exposure to certain substances or chemicals in facial skin care products, including soap, toner, to cosmetics. Sometimes, symptoms of sensitive skin can also experience a recurrence when exposed to temperatures too hot or cold, sunlight, dry air, to dust. The characteristics of sensitive skin are characterized by skin that feels tender, itchy, and reddish when using skin care products that are not suitable. When relapses, sensitive skin will also become dry, scaly, and grow pimples. Because young sensitive skin is irritated and inflamed, people who have sensitive skin types are advised to be more careful in choosing and using
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Blood Donation when Pregnant, Is It Safe

If before pregnancy you usually do blood donation. Can you still do this habit while pregnant? Come on, find out the answer through the following explanation. If done in a healthy condition and not pregnant, blood donors can provide a variety of benefits, including improving blood flow, maintaining iron levels in the body, and helping others who need blood. However, it is a different story if blood donation is done while pregnant. Dangers of Performing a Blood Donation while Pregnant According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pregnant women are not recommended for blood donations. This is because during pregnancy, mothers and fetuses need adequate iron levels to prevent anemia, support the growth and development of the fetus, and maintain the health of pregnant women themselves. Some risks or dangers that can arise if pregnant women do blood donation are: 1. Anemia When pregnant, the blood volume of pregnant women does increase by 30-50%, so pregnant women need to keep

Variety of Foods for Sore Throat that Speeds Healing

Eating a variety of foods for strep throat can help deal with pain, discomfort, and speed healing. Soft fruits such as bananas, soup foods, yogurt and some of the foods and drinks in the following review, can drive away the symptoms of strep throat. Food for strep throat or sore throat must be healthy, nutritious, soft-textured and easy to swallow. This will help reduce irritation in your throat. In addition, food and warm drinks are also good to be consumed to give a sense of comfort in the throat. Foods to relieve strep throat When a sore throat, pain and discomfort when swallowing will make it difficult to eat and drink. In fact, the body still needs nutrition to support healing. The following drinks and foods for strep throat are consumed the following can relieve pain and speed up the healing process. Water Drinking enough water during a sore throat is one of the simplest ways to relieve a sore throat. Water can maintain the humidity and cleanliness of the throat, and mee